Psi Beta Hart Project 

Hart: Healing Art, is a project created and developed by our chapter in 2015. 
Hart Projects connect Psi Beta with people who are in need. Help is offered by preparing a day of activities customized for a specific population within an organization; this is done with an assessment of their needs and is carried out through a medium of art and personalized interaction. Not only do these interactions benefit the community, but they also benefit Psi Beta members by providing an introduction to working with both different populations as well as different cultures. 
Through these projects Psi Beta members inspire creativity amongst themselves by brainstorming together ways to contribute and interact with others; they also form relationships with multiple organizations, both individually and united as an honors society.


Families in Motion

Families in motion is a collaboration between SDPD, San Diego Office of Education and Bridging the Gap-Where Hope is Born. Birthed out of the JST Team at the Central Div., the program has 2 distinct components that BTG participates in. The program begins on a Tuesday and continues for 4 weeks educating families on issues that are related to the difficulties some of the youth are experiencing ie. Family Dynamics, Cyber Bullying etc.
BTG provides speakers and trainers when requested and mentors to have one on one time with weekly. The process to becoming involve with this program is to fill out a volunteer Application and sign a release waiver. Upon completing those 2 things you will be contacted by BTG's campus Representative and given a orientation regarding the programand the protocol.
This program is a first of its kind with the SDPD crossing over and engaging families at another level completely so BTG is taking every precaution and really building a system and a team that is going to follow the SDPD as the open new divisions of Families in Motion through-out San Diego.
On the application there is a question that is looking to find each persons gift or specialty: example- I got in a lot of trouble when I was younger and as a result I know the system really well and am also a Drug and Alcohol Counselor and of course founder of BTG'!
We are so glad to have your team working with us on this project! The idea is that everything BTG does has the DNA of City College. If you need anything else please don't hesitate to contact me!

Robert Crouse