If you are here that means you do not meet the requirements to be a official member, or do not have the necessary finances to become a registered of Psi Beta but still want to be involved with the club, and for that I thank you! Here at Psi Beta we welcome everyone! 

 We encourage all who are interested in joining, but do not currently have the required GPA, class requirements, or finances to become a registered member to instead become part of our Psychology Club!

Many students involved in our chapter are part of the Psychology Club. As a Psychology Club member you
1. Are welcome to all meetings
2. Have the opportunity to join any of the committees: research, community service, tutoring program, event planning, etc.
3. Are able to run for most positions: research informant, social media chair, community liasion, tutoring coordinator, among many others!
4. Can attend all events: field trips, workshops, training opportunities, guest speakers, conferences, and research symposiums  

Things that Psychology Club members cannot do are run for positions on the executive committee: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Chapter Delegate. They also cannot vote on official Psi Beta business, mainly concerning finances and voting for members running to be on the executive committee.