Psi Beta Executive Officers 


Antonio Torres President 


Walter Robles  

   Vice President 


Tatum Peacock Secretary 



Niki Ito                   Treasurer


Kim Sweeney Faculty Advisor 

Psi Beta and Psychology Club Officer Positions

Inter-Club Council (ICC) Representative
The Psi Beta ICC Representative shall represent Psi Beta at the ICC Meetings and complete any reports necessary for Psi Beta to maintain recognition by the ICC. The ICC Representative attends all ICC meetings and reports to the chapter at Psi Beta meetings regarding the campus related events and issues that were addressed in the ICC meeting. Thus, this position requires consistent attendance at both the ICC meetings (Friday at 10:00 a.m. in Fall 2016) and Psi Beta meetings (Friday at 11:30 am in Fall 2016) weekly.

Community Liaison
The Psi Beta Community Liaison shall assist and facilitate officers in community outreach efforts to promote and inform our campus community of our clubs existence, programs and activities.

The Psi Beta Webmaster shall construct and maintain the Psi Beta Chapter website linked to

Social Media Chair
The Psi Beta Social Media Chair shall maintain the club Facebook page and Instagram, updating it regularly with appropriate and approved, psychology-related postings and upcoming club events.

The Psi Beta Historian shall take pictures at all Psi Beta events and take an annual member photograph. The Historian shall be responsible for sharing all photos with the President for approval prior to sharing them with the Social Media Chair for publication on the chapter’s Facebook and Instagram and the chapter’s Webmaster for publication on the chapter’s website.

Publicity Chair
The Psi Beta Publicity Chair shall publicize Psi Beta meetings, events, announcements, and award deadlines. The Publicity Chair sends announcements to the college newspapers and campus public relations department and arranges with the college for news media coverage of special programs/events. The Publicity Chair keeps the club ICC Representative informed about Psi Beta activities.

Tutoring Coordinator
The Psi Beta Tutoring Coordinator shall be responsible for recruiting and training new tutors. The Tutoring Coordinator will work along with the Tutoring Committee to respond to email inquiries about tutoring and manage the tutoring schedule based on the availability of qualified tutors and their schedules. The Tutoring Coordinator shall maintain a binder with a record of tutors, hours tutored and students tutored.

Hart Chair
The Hart Chair shall evaluate the desired populations our members desire to work with and develop a specific project for that population with the ideas of the Hart Committee. All Hart Projects shall be art centered. The Hart Chair shall be responsible for correspondence between the organization and our chapter. The Hart Chair reports to the club about these projects while they’re being created, and once they are complete.