A brief history of the SDCC chapter of Psi Beta...

In September 2010, a group of motivated students established the San Diego City College Psi Beta chapter with the guidance of faculty adviser Dr. Kristen Cole. The founding members created a mission statement, a constitution, and a board of officers. In the five years since then, numerous talented students have become members and have worked together to accomplish many worthwhile goals, developing bonds of friendship and collegiality.

Psi Beta offers the experience of operating a chapter and provides opportunities to: 

  • Acquire leadership skills
  • Interact with faculty outside the classroom
  • Learn more about the professional and educational choices available in psychology
  • Meet outstanding professional psychologists
  • Participate in community service
  • Participate in group research
  • Meet peers with similar interests
  • Contributes to student confidence and self-worth
  • Participate in national, regional, and local psychological association programs, including paper and poster presentations
  • Apply for for Psi Beta scholarships and for student affiliate membership in APA and APS
  • Meet one of the requirements for entrance at thee GS-7 level in numerous occupations in the Federal Service

How Psi Beta can help you

1. Notification to the APA, APS, and psychology departments at colleges and universities of your society membership
2. Membership may be used as an education and career reference throughout your lifetime. the National office will always verify your membership on your behalf.
3. Eligibility for a variety of national award competitions, all announced via the national web site. 
    (i.e., the student research paper awards provide cash prizes of $500, $300, and $200 to multiple members nationwide.)
4. Minority students are eligible to apply for Psi Beta's mentoring leadership program. 

Psi Beta’s mission is to encourage professional development and psychological literacy of all students at two-year colleges through promotion and recognition of excellence in scholarship, leadership, research, and community service.
— ~Psi Beta National Council, August 14, 2014~

What We've Achieved

Since the inception of the club, Psi Beta members have:

  • Visited an innovative cancer research center
  • Visited a local high school to promote the study of Psychology.
  • Took part in the Heroic Imagination Project
  • Been awarded a grant and numerous scholarships
  • Attended multiple local and regional conferences and trainings
  • Conducted data collection for two national research projects as a chapter. 
  • Multiple members have conducted solo psychological research and presented their findings at a local research symposium. 
  • Annual participation in the 5k NAMI walk to "stamp out the stigma of mental illness”

In the 2017-2018 academic school year so far we have:

  • Completely revamped and redesigned the Psi Beta website! 
  • We tables at club rush for the fall semester
  • We participated during the Breast Cancer Awareness Day on campus
  • A few members of Psi Beta volunteered for week of service, and helped beautify Chicano Park

And in the 2016-2017 academic year we accomplished: 

  • All officers completed leadership training program. Members were sent weekly newsletters with volunteer and scholarship opportunities, as well as meeting minutes and agendas. 
  • Our chapter collected and presented data with Whittier College's Psi Chi chapter at their annual Psi Chi Research Conference. 
  • We  held a formal induction ceremony in the Spring semester for 10 new members, with a guest speaker and catering.
  • We tabled at club rush for the fall and spring semesters
  • Ordered Psi Beta T-Shirts for the members
  • We organized a field trip to attend the SDSU Research Symposium, where members attended poster sessions and talks. We took field trips to SDSU and UCSD, and promoted scholarships and honors programs. We held a CV workshop that was open to the entire campus community. We hosted a guest speaker from the Psychology Admissions department of Point Loma Nazarene University. 
  • We visited the Storefront, a shelter for homeless and abused teens, with therapeutic arts projects (under our HART program), during the Spring semester. Members volunteered at AFSP's Out of the Darkness walk, to raise suicide awareness, during the Fall Semester.

In the 2015-2016 academic year we accomplished: 

  • Implemented a HART Project at the Storefront, a homeless shelter for youth, in both June and October. Additionally we donated individual art kits and healthy snacks to the child residents.
  • Offered free psychology and AODS tutoring to the student body.
  • Visited Sea World San Diego with Psi Beta Mesa and SDSU Psi Chi to view demonstrations of how Operant Conditioning (psychology) is used to train animal behavior in orca whales, pilot whales, sea lions, and dolphins. Also, gained understanding of the cognitive science study being done with dolphins that will determine if dolphins can learn from humans through observation, and if dolphins can learn from one another through observation (thank you Professor Burtis!)
  • Participated in the 5k Out of the Darkness walk to prevent suicide. Aided the City College Mental Health Team in raising $630 towards the cause.
  • Guest Speakers: Bridging the Gap, Professor Dennis: Yellow Ribbon Society, Art Therapist
  • Active on campus at Club Rush and the Halloween Carnival
  • Sponsored a Transferring as a Psych Major Workshop, facilitated by Dr. Tandy Ward.
  • Had a mixer with Psi Chi SDSU at Boomers
  • Collaborated for multiple events with Psi Beta Mesa & Psi Chi SDSU: Ice skating, psychology movie screening
  • held a Cross Enrollment workshop
  • donated gently used household goods and clothing to those in need (estimated $500)
  • fundraising: event at Hooters during the Rhonda Rousey fight, candy gram grams, and a yard sale
  • Attended the Leadership Summit
  • members Hani & Issanna taught a Stop the Hate workshop during the Leadership Summit
  • worked in partnership with Phi Theta Kappa to sponsor a drive to gather learning supplies for preschool program at an orphanage in Mexico, run by City College student volunteers. 
  • Chapter Excellence Award
  • Johnson/Cousins Building Bonds Collaboration award (for our collaboration with SDSU’s chapter of Psi Chi

But that is far from all that Psi Beta has done, in the 2014-2015 academic year we accomplished:

  • Became a National multi-award winning chapter! 
  • Sponsored a drive and donated over 120 stuffed animals to children who have experienced severe trauma during National Children's Mental Health Awareness Week. 
  •  Developed a community service project called HART: Healing Art. 
  • Implemented a HART project at an orphanage in Tijuana called Vida Joven de Mexico. 
  • Created a free psychology and AODS tutoring program for the student body.
  • Visited Sea World San Diego to learn how psychology is used to train animal behavior (thank you Professor Burtis!)
  • Visited Dr. Sarah Creel's cognitive science research lab at UCSD. 
  • Attended the WPA conference in Las Vegas
  • Multiple members presented their original research at the 10th annual City College Research Symposium
  • Raised $200 & participated in the 5k NAMI walk to "stamp out the stigma of mental illness" 
  • Guest Speakers: Voices for Children, SAY San Diego, SARAH project, Circles 4 Change, and Vida Joven de Mexico.
  • Sponsored a CV making workshop, taught by Professor Ulla Anderson.
  • Carol Tracey Community Service award
  • Chapter Excellence award
  • Ann G. Robinson College Life Award (Psi Beta National awarded to Issanna Loughman, former chapter President)


As you can see every school year we strive to be the best we can be! With the 2017-2018 academic year right around the corner we are excited to see what we do next!